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Our four-step methodology to help your organization find, design, and build your preferred futures today.


We facilitate workshops with your team on-site or remotely. Hundreds of people have used our process for everything from new product development, to scenario planning and personal career development.




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The future is a hard place to understand. It can feel like a force that is constantly running away from us that we have no control over. Its pace of change can be overwhelming - it always feels like there are new technological developments shaping the society that we are playing catch up with, or that we are constantly dealing with the unintended consequences of our past decisions. These factors can influence our perception of the future and make it feel out of our grasp, and that we are not prepared for what is to come. We need to be more proactive in our future planning and create the futures that we want, for ourselves and for generations to come but there is a lack of tools and guides to help us do so.


Synthesizing Futures is a methodology by Futurity Studio, which provides the tools to help actively co-create our futures. Its unique approach tackles futures from a truly multidisciplinary lens, encompassing business, strategy, design, science, and engineering that is reflected in the combined decades of experience in innovation, deep tech analysis, and design.

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