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Here is a list of our first edition exhibitors, creators of digital goods and digital art.  


777 unique explorations of well traveled Mindfolk, choppin $WOOD.


Collection created using procedurally generated data and Synthmind's personal algorithm - the apex of AI creation and human curation.  @SynthVerse


Hounds Of Zeus" is a unique PFP collection based on Greek mythology. We firmly believe our strength lies in our community and we aim to build a platform to bring together like minded NFT enthusiasts from all over and form one of the strongest DAO's. With gen 2, staking, tokenomics and a lot more to offer, the Hounds have been unleashed to soar over the Solana ecosystem  @HoundsOfZeusNFT


We have one purpose; to create a self serving ecosystem powered by ambition, creativity and unity.

We stand as one against the corrupt and centralized banking system as a new force with new ideas, strategies and execution. We will charge at them like fearless bulls.

The story began on Wall Street but it ends on Solana.



A metaverse by, for, and about plants and their proper place, and position on our planet.   We are giving plants autonomy and a voice so that they can be active participants in the metaverse as well as our real world!


Visualization of database, summary analyses, and artifacts based on scientific papers, patents, press, and other leading indicators.  More info coming soon.


We’re Learning Video Specialists that innovate with technology to provide solutions in education. With animation, video translation and NFT certificates, we’re facilitating learning experiences into Web3.0. 



Pelai Virtual Gallery is the first Virtual Gallery on the open air in Barcelona and limited time at SOFT. An innovative experience where art takes over the street through augmented reality, inviting free participation of the public to look into the future, play around and buy digital art in NFT format. Join and discover the 15 participating local artists.


Crafted according to cider traditions dating back centuries, Galipette is pressed from cultivated cider apples hand picked from the lush green orchards of Northwest France. It is made locally with pride and patience to satisfy the modern taster.


Rena’s has one goal and one goal only. To unite all food loving, sandwich munching, hungry, beautiful, happy people and spread the sandwich love. Rena’s is named after my Argentinian abuela, who always used the best and freshest ingredients to feed us with love.




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Calle Bailen 11, Barcelona 08010, Spain

© 2022 by Futurity Systems


Here are all the awesome partners that made SOFT possible.  


Create and manage breathtaking virtual experiences for high traffic venues such as cultural spaces, events and showrooms.


eXplorins is an App and creative Hub based on Barcelona. We create projects of dynamization of cities and experiential marketing through local culture. We build 100% human-focused digital experiences connecting online stories with offline spaces.


We help businesses move into the web 3 space from integration to new projects.

Web 3 paves the way for all new ventures for your business with a plethora of options and tools to use, it can be daunting.

We work with businesses to create a strategy on how to integrate into the new with the most efficient tools and teams to achieve their goals.


MOB is much more than coworking. It's a space to call home, a community to grow with and skills to match your ambitions.

MOB is one of the largest collaborative creative coworking spaces in Barcelona.  With over > 200 + members from all over the world.


IVY allows anyone with a smart phone and web browser to accept NFTs, and a basket of other tokens, just by scanning a QR code.

Upon loading an IVY code, sole custody is established within an instant browser based wallet. When tokens are in an IVY code, access to them is only dependent on the user having the private data contained in their device, or in their backed up passphrase. Users can also scan tokens back and forth, using their built in transfer QR codes!


FabCafe Barcelona was born to be the place where people of all ages and disciplines can meet and make with digital tools everything they thought impossible before, in a creative atmosphere full of synergies.

A hub of imagination, where it is possible to bring your designs to reality through different machines, previously only accessible for industrial and research use, such as the laser cutter, 3D printers and a 3D scanner, all while enjoying wonderful food and coffee.


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