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  • inTENSE - ISSUE 1 - Dawning Age of Culturian (PRINT)
  • inTENSE - ISSUE 1 - Dawning Age of Culturian (PRINT)
  • inTENSE - ISSUE 1 - Dawning Age of Culturian (PRINT)
  • inTENSE - ISSUE 1 - Dawning Age of Culturian (PRINT)
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inTENSE - ISSUE 1 - Dawning Age of Culturian (PRINT)


In inTENSE, we explore what our world will look like in 2030, from the perspective of 2030 - and not just speculatively but based on tangible research and data that we have done at Futurity Systems.  

As we turn the page into a new decade, it's clear that the world of 2030 is a far cry from that of just a few years ago. Technology has advanced at breakneck speed, sustainability has become a key consideration in all aspects of life, and societal values and cultural norms have undergone a sea change. At inTENSE, we're thrilled to explore and celebrate the diverse experiences and perspectives of those entering this exciting new era.  


From personal growth and self-care to fashion and consumerism, this 2030 lifestyle magazine covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to the modern reader. We're committed to providing a platform for meaningful discussions and insights that can inspire and seed our readers on future possibilities in this rapidly changing world.  


But it's not just about the surface level trends and fads. We're also committed to delving deeper, examining the ways in which deeptech and design are shaping the world around us and how they can be used to create a more sustainable, equitable future. 


InTENSE is written for those who are invested in the future, whether you are a future focused designer, a tech enthusiast, a policy writer, or simply someone looking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing world, inTENSE could be a seed of what is it to come.  At Futurity Systems, we don't just speculate, we want to proactively build a better future for all.  

  • 90 Pages

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