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Transaction Membrane

commerce, logistics, hardware

Concept: A-Commerce (Autonomous Commerce)

Since with the invention of the internet and the incorporation of e-commerce, commerce has been changing rapidly. Soon, the way we purchase and deliver goods will become even faster and more autonomous.

Futurity: Transaction Membrane

The transaction membrane is an idea about how to quicken and ease the movement of goods in and out of our homes by making the actual architecture of our house a mechanism for the input and output. We call it autonomous architecture, as the wall becomes is incorporated in the process of commerce and is automated to your needs. The wall faces inside to your kitchen, and outside to the street. Think of it like this: say you have a taco Tuesday tradition every week at 8pm. The transaction membrane would learn this pattern, and ensure that all the goods you need are delivered (by autonomous vehicles) and stored into the membrane of your home, ready for preparation. There’s a cold unit, a hot unit, and a waste unit that all discover patterns to optimize consumption.

Looking Forward

We see this autonomous commerce transitioning into something called “fluid consumption.” Where you have autonomous vehicles, goods can always be circulating. Imagine your taco Tuesday plans change, and you’d like pizza instead. The materials that were delivered for the tacos don’t have to go to waste, they can be redistributed into the world. That means no waste, and seamless consumption for everyone.


Transaction Membrane

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