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Plant scaffolds culture meat cells, for polygenomic gourmet meals

Cell-based meat focus group. We made and served a meal of convincing mock tomatoes to foodies and food-industry experts, as well as “regular” consumers, and surveyed them about the experience To market test the product, we conducted focus groups of ëxperts and novices. Experts included people working in the food industry, for example as restaurant owners and beverage manufacturers. Novices had no special background or interest in foods per se. We created mock tomeatoes and served them to the participants, without revealing that the meal was just a mockup. Performing some deft “surgery” on the bottom of regular tomatoes, we filled them with ground beef and garlic cloves, presented on a bed of fresh pasta. To our surprise, none of the participants suspected that the tomeato was not a real cell-based meat product! We conducted surveys and discussions (using our Method Cards) to capture their impressions, preferences, and concerns about this new “product”. The results of their assessment are available for discussion.
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