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A platform in which real plants create and sell digital twin NFTrees seeding the foundation of an interspecies economy

For millennia, humans have dominated the earth, and dominated species, “domesticating” plants and animals, and claimed ownership to nature and its resources. Our project Plantiverse is an exploration of rights for plants, by giving them autonomy, building on the Rights of Nature movement's gains of independent legal standing for forests and species. We wanted to see if we could get operational, financial, and even civil rights for non-human living beings. We gave Herbie (a herb houseplant) a form of their own autonomy, letting them make certain decisions on their own. Sensors measure Herbie's state; which are linked to decisions about mobility; so that Herbie, when in need of water or light, will go to the water source / light source. These sensors, in turn, give readings that are then paired with a particular output of an image, leave colors, for example, indicate water level and so on. The rendering, then, becomes a visualization of physiological status of the plant itself, essentially a digital twin, or avatar, of the plant in real life. These visualizations, then were minted in the carbon neutral blockchain and sold as NFTs or NFTrees. The funds raised via the sales will be directed to sustainable causes.

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