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Blur Hoodie

Wearable personal protection against physical, cyber, and bio threats

Protesters around the world - from Pussy Riot in Moscow, the yellow Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, Black Lives Matter in the United States, and pro-independence marchers in Catalonia - all have re-made clothing, cell phones, and computers to protect their bodies and identities. Increasingly, even non-protesting people worry about a surveillance capitalism state, where stores recognize your face as you walk in, or track your phone to see what you're browsing for. At the same time, amateur celebrities, influences, and others want to record and share more aspects of their everyday lives, without letting their followers into their innermost private lives. All three of these situations, and more, are driving interest and needs for protecting cyber-physical privacy. The Blur Hoodie provides a system that includes textiles, protective plastics, and electronic features for these situations, in a design that is as timelessly stylish as it is functional and convenient. In addition to the hoodie itself, we developed a catalog page outlining the benefits and features: "Pro athletes, first responders, and astronauts have long had access to the most advanced apparel and accessories. Now the Blur Hoodie brings the same types of materials, electronics, sensors, and algorithms to skateboarding, parkour, athleisure, and street wear. Whether you're practicing steezy kickflips over broken glass, concerned about protecting your personal privacy while shopping in the stores that still exist, or gearing up for a protest that could take a wrong turn, Blur has you covered in every sense." Users say Blur is... “The Patagonia for protests” – A.D., social hacktivist, Karachi “A traceur’s go-to gear” – Z.S., parkour TikTok celebrity, Atlanta “My family’s bubble between surveillance capitalism and the surveillance state.” - K.W., father of three, Stockholm 

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