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2030  Lifestyle Magazine ​ Our new magazine inTENSE is a publication that explores the intersection of design and deeptech, and how they will shape the world around us in 2030 – written from the perspective of 2030. It features in-depth research by creative minds driving the future, speculative product roundups and trend reports, in various fields such as fashion, food, entertainment and more. InTENSE is more than just a magazine – it's a community of individuals excited about the future and the possibilities it holds.  
inTENSE leans into the future-set fiction as good sci-fi does: not to predict a specific scenario, but plausibly and logically to tell a story tied to the present day, about the world, the people, and the things that we see around us now.
Dive into our awe-inspiring 2030 issue, bursting with stories that blend hard sci-fi's realism with captivating trends, cutting-edge tech, and creative ventures. Embark on spaceport tours, indulge in cosmic beauty trends, savor space station cuisine quests, and await BetaSpace festival's cosmic extravaganza in just seven years!
This issue about Orbital Opulence features interviews and writing by some amazing talents with deep expertise in relevant fields like Ryan North, comic book writer and author of some of the best science books on shelves, like How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveller and Sabine Winters, founder of Future Based, and Philosopher of Science in residence on the European Space Agency (ESA) Advanced Concepts Team.

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