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Chimera Garden - Growable Organs

Replacement tissues and organs in analogous plants

Concept: Organ Garden

Much like Tomeato, the concept of an organ garden is about growing human tissue in plants. Since we know that human heart cells can be grown in spinach leaves, why not entire organs grown in fruits and veggies?

Futurity: Chimera Garden

The idea of the chimera garden is to grow human body parts inside of plants that resemble human parts in shape and size. This is because they need some semblance of similar infrastructure in order to grow. For example, we could grow human heart cells inside of an artichoke, lung cells in lavender, or digits in aloe vera.

Looking Forward

The would change the world. Having spare organs at our disposal is not only cool, it would also be lifesaving. No more long wait lists for people in dire need of new organs, and no more sacrificial organ donation. And besides, who wouldn’t want to cultivate a human heart in their own backyard?!

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