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Futurity Systems honored in Fast Company 2022 Innovation by Design Awards

September 13, 2022

Futurity Systems honored in Fast Company 2022 Innovation by Design Awards

Plantiverse Initiative posits novel route for building an interspecies economy by integrating animals, plants, and the environment as participants and beneficiaries

Barcelona, Spain, September 15, 2022 – Futurity Systems is proud to announce that its Plantiverse initiative has won an honorable mention in the Experimental category in Fast Company’s 2022 Innovation by Design Awards.

“Nature has been excluded from the economy, with disastrous consequences. Experiments like are an attempt to use humanity’s own tools - like Web3 technology - to create an interspecies economy that’s both prosperous and sustainable,” said Futurity cofounder Cecilia MoSze Tham. “We have a small window of time right now to make the emerging digital economy all-inclusive. One interspecies metaverse, where animals, plants, and the environment are active and equal participants, is a unique and urgent opportunity to remake the economy into a sustainable system for the long term ahead.” is one of Futurity’s many artifacts – future things brought into today’s world through a combination of deeptech research, industrial design, and business launches. It’s a working system in which common houseplants use inexpensive sensors and procedural graphics to generate digital twins - images of trees, which are then minted as “NFTrees”. These plant-made artworks are then sold to humans, with the proceeds going to plant-centric initiatives like reforestation and wetlands protection, and a plant-managed distributed autonomous organization (DAO) determining the allocation. In the future, coral reefs and bees and other ecosystems will also participate in the new economy with NFSeas and NFBees. We further explore our partnership with plants as food, material, and ecosystem services providers in InTense, our lush speculative lifestyle magazine from 2030.

“The ecosystem of the Metaverse is evolving quickly, but we already know it will blend blockchain and extended reality (XR), art and industry, personal and commercial actors; and the digital and physical worlds,” said Futurity’s other cofounder, Mark Bünger. “We brought together all these hardware, software, and distributed web protocols to show that this is not a futuristic vision – we can build an interspecies economy today. We love helping our clients achieve audacious visions like this, and our number one client is Planet Earth.”

The Futurity team is especially honored to have been recognized less than a year after its founding. As a small, young company we are in great company with Fast Company, and are just getting started. The Innovation by Design Awards, which can be found in the October 2022 issue of Fast Company, honor the designers and businesses solving the most crucial problems of today and anticipating the pressing issues of tomorrow. The competition, now in its 11th year, features a range of blue-chip companies, emerging startups, and hungry young talents. It is one of the most sought-after design awards in the industry.

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