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Lifestyle Magazine in 2030


Our new magazine inTENSE is a publication that explores the intersection of design and deeptech, and how they will shape the world around us in 2030 – written from the perspective of 2030. It features in-depth research by creative minds driving the future, speculative product roundups and trend reports, in various fields such as fashion, food, entertainment and more. InTENSE is more than just a magazine – it's a community of individuals excited about the future and the possibilities it holds. In this starter issue, we explore the Culturian lifestyle. Culturian is our new word to describe consumers who eat, drink, and wear only things (meat, coffee, leather etc) grown from microbes - not killing any animals or even plants in the process. Join us in imagining a post-vegan world where synthetic biology, microbial fermentation, and other technologies just entering the market today, have become trendy expressions.

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