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Edition 2:

Orbital Opulence 2030

The same way "hard" science fiction requires its stories to be technically at least plausible, we do the same with the environment and economics, spacecraft and startups, fashion and food, and even art and – which is finally taking more place in space. You can visit the spaceports, download the investor brochures for the asteroid miners, join NASA's challenges to grow food on the moon, and even sign up for the BetaSpace festival taking place offworld seven years from now.

Edition 1:

The Dawning of Culturian Age

Culturianism, the practice of consumption of cultured products, has clearly passed its fad phase, and is quickly becoming the social and psychological counterpart to interspecies economics and regenerative manufacturing. In issue #1 of 2030, we look at its impact on food, fashion, travel, and futures.




Our new magazine inTENSE is a publication that explores the intersection of design and deeptech, and how they will shape the world around us in the future  – written from the perspective of the future. It features in-depth research by creative minds driving the future, speculative product roundups and trend reports, in various fields such as fashion, food, entertainment and more. InTENSE is more than just a magazine – it's a community of individuals excited about the future and the possibilities it holds.  
inTENSE leans into the future-set fiction as good sci-fi does: not to predict a specific scenario, but plausibly and logically to tell a story tied to the present day, about the world, the people, and the things that we see around us now.
inTENSE magazine aims to paint a picture of the future, without going so far as to predict it. With our magazine we hope that readers can envision a technological future that looks bright, where current problems are solved and humanity rises to new heights. In this edition, we look at the future for our older generation in “Silverization is Civilization.” Projections for 2050 look very different than the world we live in today. Across the globe, people 65+ will outnumber people under 15 for the first time in history. In Italy, one out of every three people will be over 65. Already in the last 20 years, the population of people aged 80+ has almost doubled. To put it plainly, the world will look a lot older. But in this time where aging is no longer equated to declining health and lifespan isn’t so limited, we see an optimistic view of how members of society over 70 (maybe you, dear reader) will enjoy life in 2043.

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