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“Cecilia is a force of nature and the only person I refer as a ‘mastermind’. 

Stephen Gates / Host of The Crazy One podcast

An entrepreneur by heart, a designer and biologist by training, and a maker for life, Cecilia Tham is currently the Founder and Principal at Futurity Systems, providing Futures-as-a-Service to companies and organizations.  She strives at synthesizing ideas, learning, businesses, projects, and people, into creative complex solutions in the impact area.

As a serial entrepreneur, Cecilia founded several companies such as MOB, a collaborative co-working community, FabCafe Barcelona, a new concept that brings digital fabrication tools to the everyday environment of a coffee shop and, an AI training school for women by women to build the next generation of women and tech.  Cecilia was also a former Senior Social Technologist at Alpha Telefonica Innovation, the first moonshot factory in Europe.

Cecilia has been awarded the Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by the Creative Net.  Her publication “Hackable Cities” written together with her students at Parsons New School won the Design for Well Being Award 2015.

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